12 bottles wine cellar

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Oenology up to your small spaces.

Wine lovers are not restricted by the lack of space anymore with our CV12T wine cellar Brandy Best.

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Your best wines on hand.

Imagine... the ideal wine cellar. 

An optimal hygometry. A perfect temperature. No vibration. Totally silent.

Imagine being able to preserve your favorite bottles on hand, even in the smallest flat. Imagine a wine cellar that is electric, economic, stylish and discreet.

You do not have to imagine anymore: with the 12 bottles Brandy Best wine cellar, your favorite finds finally have a personal space. Electronic management of the temperature, hygometry regulated by a water reserve, totally silent functioning and no vibration : our wine cellar use a high technology to protect and preserve your precious bottles.

The Brandy Best's wine cellar 12 bottles: vintage years... to be tasted straight away.


A real wine storage.

The CV12T is a real wine storage with regulated hygometry and temperature.

Manage easily the temperature of your cave with the electronic temperature management system.

For a better conservation, the CV12T eliminates vibration and noise. It is also equipped with a smell absorbent filter and a solid door that avoid the light taste.

It has a capacity of 12 bottles.

CV12T thermoelectric

Product characteristics

EAN code:5420046411878
Installation mode:Free standing
Old Energy class:A
Cold type:Static
Cold generator module:Thermoelectric semi-conductor
Wine cellar type:cellar
Door type:Foam
Refrigerator defrosting:Automatic
Bottles capacity:12
Shelves number:4
Crates type:Fil chromés
Power:65 W
key lock:
Temperature slot:13°C
Noise level:0 dB
Energy consumption (year):110 kWh/an
Gross dimensions (HxLxD) in cm:56x43.5x62.5
product dimensions (HxLxD) in cm:51.5x38.5x57.5
Brutto weight (kg):16.5 kg
Net weight (kg):15 kg
Quantity per container:404
Brand:Brandy Best
Standards:CE - ROHS - REACH

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